ATF temp from ultraguage

ATF temp from ultraguage

Postby harmigera on Fri May 12, 2017 12:15 pm

Looking at getting either the scanguage or ultraguage to monitor temps while towing. The ultraguage have a wireless system that displays on your smartphone for US$100 delivered. Does the ultraguage units give readings for the ATF temps for the MQ? Thanks
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Re: ATF temp from ultraguage

Postby coughy on Fri May 12, 2017 4:09 pm

i dont think it does any temps on the trans on any car m8 only the scangauge2 does
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Re: ATF temp from ultraguage

Postby shawty950 on Sat May 13, 2017 8:47 am

The ultra gauge mx model does, have it in my mq....its not a standard gauge that automatically pops up but you can enter in a pid code( bunch of hex type numbers) that allows auto temp to show.
There is thread on here somewhere about the pids.

I had the ultragauge mx on my nt pajero and used a code from the paj forum for that and then xferred to the mq. The pid for the paj seems to represent the temp better than the pid that was suggested here for the mq.

On my phone will try and find the thread and different pids later.

I currently use 6 gauges...volts, water temp, auto, inlet air, boost and using the cat bank 1 sensor as a defacto egt gauge.
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Re: ATF temp from ultraguage

Postby harmigera on Fri May 26, 2017 8:28 am

Thanks shawty950

Just got the Ultragauge Blue delivered from the US for AUD$150, took about 5 days by Fed Ex. Very easy to install and sync the ultragauge to my iphone using bluetooth, no trying to hide any wires with the wired units, although while the gauges are being displayed, the iphone screen stays on and will drain the phone battery in a short time if not plugged into an usb.
The guages are displayed on the phone using an app. Once you get the hang on how to work the app, the gauges can be fully customised; # gauges per page, analogue/digital/graph, size, color and probably others ways, still working through the 80 page manual!
I mainly wanted the ultragauge to measure the Atf temp while towing. I got the PID code from the Paj forum and manually entered the codes, very easy and I think it is working.
This very cold morning (-1C) in Canberra, both the water and Atf started at 19C; 20 minutes on the highway, Atf = 50C; in town, Atf = 58-64C. That seems about right.
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