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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby jhaine02 on Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:10 am

Got myself 4 new tyres the other day for $916 Fitted , Balanced and Aligned.

Quite happy with that deal and hopefully they will wear well.

What Size? 265/75 R16

Brand? Hankook Dynapro AT-M RF10

Style? A/T

Handle on Road? So Far No noise and seem to grip well going round corners

Handle off road? Had it in the sand the other day and they got me out of a few holes now worries

Price per tyre? $214 Per Tyre , Fitted and Balanced.

Wear & Tear? To Soon to tell
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby gspy4u on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:01 am

Have the AT3's on the other car (Prado) and have just ticked over 102,000k's on them and they still have a while to go. Very happy with them.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby Jason.g01 on Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:45 pm

trouble wrote:Please keep us/me updated on these, just a bit interested

Well I have now done just over 2000km on the back stuff and they have been very good, better than I thought and super quiet.

Took the Triton off road today in my local soft sand.. these are areas that I have been visiting for a number of years now and I have to say that the performance of the Coopers was exceptional :o so much better than the Yoko's and I wasn't expecting that?

Could be towing a very large load for a 1000km in the coming days so will be very interested in the performance..
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby whippsy on Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:42 am

just clocked 50,000km on st maxx 245.75.16 rotated twice no hard core off road but plenty of beach should get my 80,000km love them
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby whippsy on Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:47 am

just clocked 50,000km on st maxx 245.75.16 rotated twice no hard core off road but plenty of beach should get my 80,000km love them
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby viking shippy on Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:33 pm

Cooper at3 245/75/16
30 months and 75000 km
Prob could get another 5000 km from them
No tread bars showing
Great all rounders if you do mostly tarmack driving..
They lack a little off road in muddy conditions and revel in the gravel and sand..
I would buy them again.....

Thinking of replacing them with 265/75/16 in AT3,STMAX,BFG,MAXIS,OR KENDAS..
This size seems to be legal coming in
just under the Rms requirement 7% more than the origonal size of 245/70/14...
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby Snooozy on Sat May 16, 2015 10:38 pm

Replaced the Goodyear Wranglers today.
they had done just under 60k in a bit under 5 years. still had maybe 3 or 4k left in them but I have a trip planned that will do about 3500km including some dirt stoney tracks, so decided to change them out now.

I was hoping to get more like 70 -80k from them after talking with others that have had them.

overall I would rate them about 6 out of 10.
the good - never had a puncture, they are pretty quiet on the road, bag out well on low pressure, got me most places without getting stuck too often (& the times I got stuck I would not blame the tyres anyway)

no so good - not a long life, dont clear all that well in mud, dont grip well on wet roads.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby Snooozy on Sat May 16, 2015 10:46 pm

now running Bridgestone D697's

kept with 265/75-16 to keep the economy in check while touring & they are a legal size.

others were quite happy with these as a good AT tyre.

too early to tell much as I have only done 30km on blacktop.

they are quite noisy, have a slightly narrower tread pattern & don't have as good rim protection compared to the Wranglers they replaced.
I hope they wear better & are not as slippery in the wet.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby destorman on Sun May 17, 2015 5:24 am

Still happy with these D697's ... so much so, that after just on 20,000km's of driving on them, we're going to swap them over onto the new 2015 Triton we will be getting later this week. I figure, these have at least 40,000km of tread left (i.e. that's about all the wear we'll get out of the factory fitted Dunlop AT's) so we may as well have the D697's on the new Triton :)

destorman wrote:Update time - 7000km on the D697 ... here's the history:

destorman wrote:Just had new tyres fitted on our 2010 MN GLX Triton (fitted to some ML 16" Alloys I picked up today) ... new pic's added to "our shed" ... BTW it's a stock GLX, (i.e. it had stock steel rims and still has stock suspension). It's had Maxxis 771's (225/75) for the past two years.

So, the new tyres are:

What Size? 245/70/16

Brand? Bridgestone D697

Style? (L/T,A/T, Claws, M/T) A/T

Handle on Road? (Grip/noise)

Very nice. Straight up it felt easier in the steering, like it was 'lighter', with less effort to turn the steering wheel (and for reference the old 771's were at 40 psi). Felt much "softer" and "smoother" than when the Maxxis 771's went on new (and they felt good coming off the stock H/T's which were 2years old and had 48,000kms wear) ... driving on various roads (smooth bitumen, concrete, rough old bitumen roads, etc) the difference is quite noticeable to the 771's (which admittedly were two years old and had 60,000km wear), but from best of memory, I don't remember them feeling this smooth when they were new ...

Road noise? ... Road Noise? ... Road Noise? (apologies to Ferris Bueller) ... what road noise! Again, the two year old 771's to these was noticeably quieter. These are nice. Slight hum on the concrete which the 771's never did, but it is very very slight, and I'm probably only picking it because there is nothing else to hear and maybe looking for a fault.

Overall the ride feels 'softer' and 'smoother', with possibly a tad bit of 'roll' when cornering at speed or swerving back and forth, but at no stage was it anywhere near a concern of confidence, they just gripped ... which brings me to the next bit.

Grip, oh gosh, they grip ... went around one of those full circle type on ramps onto the highway, which is usually a 60kmh corner at best, well I went past that and then some and felt very well "stuck" to the road. Totally dry road.

No wet weather today, so can't comment.

The only overriding comment is that it does feel a little 'sluggish' off the mark, which I'm guessing is the slightly bigger diameter that has to turn to get going, plus the extra tread that I'm not use to feeling.

Handle off road? (Grip/Noise)

So today I did a bit of gravel driving, and they felt great. In one spot, which has loose gravel around a corner that goes up a slight hill, that was always a spot to give it some right foot, let the tail drift a bit for some fun, well, I did not get that today, like nothing, nudda, zip, zero zilch ... and I did give it some boot, since I had already felt that sluggishness. (BTW, it's a corner where the speed and gear, 2nd gear, is just below the turbo kick) ... as I got toward the exit of the corner the turbo kicked, wheels slipped, but only just, like only just broke traction.

Tried sand too ... one spot, again I know where the 771's would sink and shudder to get through (at full road pressure), the 697's seemed to sink about 1/3 and crawled through with no shudder. The top sand was softish, and under was a bit harder from the recent rain, but, it was only two days ago I went on the same track with the 771's and it sank and shuddered, with the sand today the same as then ... keen to try in some super soft sand.

No mud, not in my usually driving.

Price per tyre?

$229 fitted and balance including free rotation, balance and pressure check every 10,000kms for first 50,000kms

Wear & Tear?

New, none.

Any other comments

Overall, very very happy, and glad we went the 697's rather than the Falken Wildpeaks. Price was good for the Wildpeaks, but with limited and sketchy reports on them, and from what I've read, not many people putting them on again, where as the 697's have a larger fan base and people who have had them and put them on again.

As noted above, 7000km on the D697's now, with a variety of driving.

On road, general every day driving from the around town stuff through to highway ... absolutely awesome. Quiet. Great handling, and great grip. Had to pull up quick, ABS kicked in and pulled the seat belts hard. No slip. Good grip. Stoked!

Note: If memory serves correct, when that happened once before we had the Maxxis on the rims and they slipped a did not seem to pull up anywhere near as quick. That would have been early in their wear too, around when we had about 60 or 70,000 kms on the Ute.


On gravel roads ... again great. Usually gradded and non gradded rural type gravel rounds at speeds between 40 and 80 kmh ... like all tyres, when in the really loose pebbly stuff the builds off the driving lines it slips, but, I do not recall any tyre ever holding and handling it as well as these. Big call? Or bad memory, Don't know, but am again stoked.

Sand ... from hard compact to light fluffy soft stuff. Gets through the soft stuff well. Even when I'm lazy and leave them at 40psi ... does tend to 'shudder' and bounce up and down in the back end in soft stuff ... soft of like a dig and bounce, to make it's way through (when at 40psi and in 2wd only) ... slip over to low 4wd and it crawls through no worries even at 40psi!

Absolutely no worries on the soft stuff at lower pressure (18psi) on the soft stuff, and even again when hitting the hard sand. Sidewall feel solid enough so no weird 'roll' or spoungy feeling. Has not been heavily loaded though, only light load of surfboards and surf / beach gear, etc.

All in all, would happily recommend the D697's and will be fitting them again.
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Re: Random tyre questions

Postby Davor on Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:41 am

I have the Hankook Dynapro RF10s on my MN triton. So far for the price they have been a great tyre. In terms of wearing, I do most of my driving on road with the occasional venture on the rough stuff. I have had them on for around 50,000ks and will probably get another 10000-15000ks out of them.

They are 265/65/17s.

Not bad milage. They are a great tyre which are quiet on the road and also great on gravel.

Have hit a couple of decent rocks with them. The sidewalls have tore a little and are a little on the soft side but they are not a Light Truck tyre so it is to be expected.

Overall I am happy with them. Will be trying Falken Wildpeaks next though. I like to change it up a little.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby jaycee43 on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:34 pm

cooper sttmax 245x 70x 17
done 20,000 km and wearing well lots of gravel roads and bitumen
the noise is fine lots quieter than my old MTs
The tyres affected fuel usage by over 1.5 litres per 100km
much stiffer and the taller rolling height, weight is noticable at start speeds around town
very happy off the road and in the gravel and they cost $1400
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby JeepChallenger on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:55 pm

These were for my Jeep.
285 70 17
Mickey Thompson MTZ
On Road good handling but noisy when worn and rough
Off Road great handling and never had a flat in 65000ks. Regular off road use at 16psi. Been to the tip via Tele track, Vic high country etc.
Paid $358 a corner in 2012
Could have got another 10,000ks out of them but the lease was running out so got another set before it ran out. Got 255 85 16 KM2s this time on 16 inch runs instead of 17 @ 270 per tyre
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby twinny on Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:32 am

Tex wrote:I just got some Bridgestone D674 M/T. 245/70R16 $215 each. They have only just been released. 14mm tread depth.

They make a little bit if noise, not bad though. :grin:

How did these perform long term Tex?
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Tyre Survey

Postby har05l on Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:53 pm

har05l wrote:
har05l wrote:What Size? 265/70/17

Brand? Maxxis Bighorn

Style? (L/T,A/T, Claws, M/T) M/T

Handle on Road? (Grip/noise) Good in dry and not to noisy, better than the stock dueller's in the wet

Handle off road? (Grip/Noise) bloody awesome :D

Price per tyre? (if you want) $310 fitted and balanced

Wear & Tear? (how are they wearing) These tyres wear evenly and very easily get good km's so long as regular rotation, balance and alignments are done

Well after almost 2 1/2 years and 80,000 km's I've renewed my maxxis bighorns today with another set :D

These are rated as 20% on road and 80% offroad but for me they are a dedicated do anything, go anywhere tyre and have seen may thousands of tarmac km's and never missed a beat :P

I've never had a flat or popped a bead so for all these reasons I just couldn't look past getting another set 8-)

I'd highly recommend these to anybody in the market for an excellent M/T tyre.

/ Surprisingly they cost $308 per corner now also 8-)

So here we are for my 3rd set of tyres and again I managed to get another 80k km's out of the bighorns. For a muddie I can't fault these in any way as after 160k km's in total I've never had a flat or any other problem still. Highly recommend these as a full time tyre.

This time I've decided to try something different and for no real reason other than change. I'm told I should be able to get similar if not more km's but we'll see in time if this becomes true.

What Size? 265/70/17

Brand? Hercules Trail Digger

Style? M/T

Handle on Road? To come

Handle off road? To come

Price per tyre? $313 supply, balance and fit

Wear & Tear? Will update later

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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby Joel on Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:07 pm

Well if nothing else they sure look agressive
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby ToughTriton on Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:19 pm

Just got some new tyres this week


BFG All Terrain KO2

Handle fairly well on road much better then standard with very little road noise from tyres

Only had for a week and will be testing them off road over long weekend 8-) :D

I scored a bargain at $290 a tyre but could be looking anywhere from $310+

Unsure of ware and tear as i haven't had for long enough yet

All in all i believe to worth its money atm
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby Rob84 on Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:22 am

Goodyear AT Adventure

245/70R17 LT

27000km done on them so far.

Mostly Tarmac use around town and hiway trips, maybe 20% I drive dirt roads and forest fire roads and tracks.

Got them swapped for the originals when I bought the ute. They were very expensive with a trade in on the old original tyres ($300 per tyre with trade in).

On road.
Pretty quiet, strarting to get noisy but they are due for a rotate. Good dry road grip. Good wet road grip, when they do let go they let go gently and are easily controled. I have done a lot of hiway trips in bucketing rain and have not had any issues. They have a stiff sidewall and don't seem to squirm when cornering. The stiff sidewall and no weight in the tray means they skip over multiple big bumps in a row. ;)

Off road.
Gravel road grip is good. They suffer on roads with a lot of stone and tend to wander a bit which is normal for a tyre with the tread blocks closer together at at hiway pressure. I sometime drive in the soft stuff between wheel ruts when there is a lot of potholes and corrigations and don't have any issues. I done a week of beach driving for the first time this year, they gripped well, even fully loaded with 6psi too much pressure on a soft, dry and talcum powdery beach. In the mud they are as good as you would expect for a tyre of this design.

I think the design of the shoulder lugs and how they wrap around up the sidewalls help these tyre in the soft ground.

These tyres are wearing well and don't appear to have lost very much tread depth. No puncture yet.

I rate these tyre as good tyres and am very happy with them, price may come into the decision if anyone is looking at getting them.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby NowForThe5th on Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:29 pm

Off topic posts moved to Random Tyre Questions thread.

Gents, please keep this thread to the format detailed in the first post and have your discussion elsewhere.

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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby suhua4 on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:52 am

What Size: 265/65R17 LT 116S

Brand: Bridgestone D697

Style: AT

Handle on Road: Impressive I must say, even compare to many road tyres. Partly due to wider width (245/255 previously) and brand new but it actually performs on par with the 275/45R20 road tyre I had a while ago, include wet grips. Now I don't have to turn on 4wd when raining......

Tyre noise almost unnoticeable, partly due to the noise from the loud Triton itself.......

Handle off road: Been to Moreton island and couple of (easy) mountain tracks with ease. Partly due to the wider width and Bilstein shocks I didn't have to drop too much tyre pressure. I don't normally give a dxxn thing about what's lying on the road since the upgrade I just roll over it so the tyres must be reasonably strong.....

Price per tyre: around $250 something, not too many doing 265/65R17 in LT

Wear & Tear: 5000km only so too early to tell. I don't really care if they will last some 80k+ as I only drive 15k per year. The car will be well sold before the tyres let go. What I really care is once they reach their mid life how much performance they are able to retain. Rubber will become very firm and slippery after rolling for a while, you may only spend 1/3 of the time to reach their mid-life then spend the rest 2/3 of time for the remaining firm and slippery tread.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby harryw96 on Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:58 am

I bought a set of the bridgestone duller muddies 674 in 265/75/16 for $212 a tyre fitted new
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby mclheaven on Tue Nov 24, 2015 3:06 pm

harryw96 wrote:I bought a set of the bridgestone duller muddies 674 in 265/75/16 for $212 a tyre fitted new

How are you finding the D674s after almost a month? Have seen these for $236 a tyre in 265/75. Interested as I'm after a set of muds and thought these looked like a viable option. Anyone else had any experience on these ?
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby drover on Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:38 pm

Ok has anybody run Triangle brand off road tyres? I have been quoted $160.00 each for 245/70 R16. I know they have been in the heavy earthmoving for ages. I drove road graders for a long time and found the Triangles would break chunks out of the tread on hard stony roads. I don't want to spend good money on bad tyres when I can get Bridgestone 245/70R16 Dueler A/T 697 LT for($215 each). :?
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby mattz on Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:49 pm

drover wrote:Ok has anybody run Triangle brand off road tyres? I have been quoted $160.00 each for 245/70 R16. I know they have been in the heavy earthmoving for ages. I drove road graders for a long time and found the Triangles would break chunks out of the tread on hard stony roads. I don't want to spend good money on bad tyres when I can get Bridgestone 245/70R16 Dueler A/T 697 LT for($215 each). :?

I took the plunge and bought a set of them for my truck.
Originally I was only going to run them on the rear as they were cheaper than recaps but I was also due for steers at the same time so I tried them on the front.
I got good wear and more kms then any other tyre I've run in the past and we're talking close to 15 sets.
Needless to say I've since purchased a second set.
They're rotated once throughout their life but I've never had to balance them which gives an idea of quality.

For the price difference, I'd give them a shot after my experience.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby SLIMaxPower on Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:28 am

What Size? 265/65/R17

Brand? BFG A/T

Style? (L/T,A/T, Claws, M/T) A/T

Handle on Road? (Grip/noise) :thumbup:
Handle off road? (Grip/Noise) :thumbup:

Price per tyre? (if you want) Fitted on the showroom floor.

Wear & Tear? (how are they wearing) Done 27000kms. Just over 6mm on the rears and closer to 8mm on the front. I do tow a heavy tandem trailer 24x7. Going for a run to the Staples Line next week and not sure if they will be up for the task.
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Re: Tyre Survey

Postby Ricky on Sun May 29, 2016 5:31 pm

Size: 235/85R16

Brand: General Grabber A/T2

Style: A/T

Handle on road: Excellent.

Handle off Road: Excellent. Tested in sand, rock and "slippery" diet terrain so far.

Wear & Tear: Too early too tell. Tyre fitter reported 80,000kms with a 5,000km 5 tyre rotation and 10,000km wheel alignments.

Price: $255 Each (Bought 5)

Does Spare fit Y/N: Y.

Overall Diameter: Not sure. Height is just over 32" with new tread.
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