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Postby challenger123 on Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:28 pm

2008 ML I split the high pressure line from pump to fuel rail and since then it goes in to limp mode if I leave it at idle for a very short time have new SCV new pressure sensor been into diesel service and they said it is because inlet is clogged just cleaned inlet and still dong same shit when the engine light is off I have about 7200 psi rail pressure and when it comes on rail pressure jumps to about 9600 psi comes up with generic code P0089/07E 8 Fuel pressure regulator 1 performance I have also checked the pressure relief valve and it is not leaking.
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Re: fuel codes

Postby RHKTriton on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:20 pm

Hello C'123, trying to digest your super long sentence. :lol:

So the inlet you cleaned, is that the micro sieve where fuel goes into the pump?

Have you replaced the fuel filter after the pipe replacement?

Is the SCV the correct unit? It may have picked up some contaminant on fitting it.

Basically any work carried out post fuel filter really needs surgical cleanliness, as tolerances in the components are super tight and it would be easy to introduce muck when fitting items such as SCV, pipes, etc.

Assuming all is clean up to the rail, that leaves possible muck in the injectors.
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