4WD Selector - Excessive Play

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4WD Selector - Excessive Play

Postby toddm1tchell on Fri Jun 14, 2024 7:18 pm

Hi all,

After receiving my Triton (MN GLX 2013) back from Mitsubishi from an engine replacement due to the dreaded P0217 code I've noticed that my 4WD selector now has quite a lot of excessive play that when I'm accelerating on the pedal and then let go the shifter will jolt back into position.

Has anyone seen or experienced this before and what could it potentially mean?

The dealership mentioned that they wouldn't have touched the gearbox as part of the replacement, but this excessive play certainly wasn't happening prior to having the engine replaced. It's not the only issue that has occurred since having the vehicle returned (aircon causing temp gauge to read temps incorrectly)

Not sure if I should be concerned... Silly me has yet to try changing into 4H/4L to ensure that they are selecting correctly.
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